SEO Coach for B2B

How can you get your site to rank on Google? Our SEO Coach can help. 



Personalized SEO Coaching 

SEO for tech companies can be challenging. Our SEO coaches help set and implement an SEO strategy to help your website rank on terms your buyers are actually searching for. We will help train and upskill your marketing team and make sure you get the ROI you want from your content marketing efforts. 

We start with an SEO audit to give our SEO coaches to insights they need to suggest changes to your strategy. The SEO audit looks at everything from technical SEO to strategy and how optimized your content is. 

We built Nituno to be a different kind of company. We come from B2B tech sales and marketing so we know the challenges you face. When we work with customers we train them and upskill their teams along the way so that eventually they will be able to manage all their SEO and content marketing in-house. 

What our SEO Coach Covers


Website Mobile Performance

Google crawls your website on a mobile browser, so if your site is too slow on mobile, it won’t rank. Our SEO Audit London examines your mobile performance along with what might be holding your performance back.


Meta Descriptions, H1 Tags and More

One of the most common challenges that websites have is duplicate meta descriptions, none at all or H1 tags that are the same as titles. It’s all rather technical, but small mistakes like these can severely impact your rankings.


Toxic Backlinks

Backlinks to your website from disreputable websites will dramatically decrease your SEO performance. Our SEO Audit London looks at who is linking to your website and will go through the complicated disavow process on your behalf to stop the sites from linking to you. 


Sitemap Problems

Your sitemap tells Google what pages on your website should be indexed for search and what shouldn’t be. It’s very common that there are problems here. Sometimes company’s own sitemaps are telling Google not to rank their site, while the marketing team is wondering why the site isn’t ranking!


Custom SEO Strategy

SEO isn’t just about writing lots of content and making sure your website can technically rank. You need to think about what keywords you are trying to rank on. This means detailed research to understand what exact terms are searched for and what terms you can win on. 

Our Marketing Certifications


What our Customers Say

Nituno helped us get on the radar of leading Silicon Valley Digital Health Startups with a full integrated marketing approach and an effective inbound game plan. They helped our website rank and managed our marketing at a critical time. - Nils Widal CEO Vertical
Nituno is the Best Marketing Agency to build a Demand Generation Engine. While there are a ton of great marketing agencies, Matt and Arden's startup experience makes Nituno the right agency to launch a product in a new market. Fabrice Courdesses, CEO VideoRunRun
Nituno launched and scaled our SEO, growing our website traffic by 1,000% in 6 months. Highly recommend. Andrea, CEO of a South Coast Based HR Tech Startup

SEO Coach Strategy

Our in-depth SEO coaches are informed by Google and the changes in how the search engine works. Google constantly updates their search algorithm, but there have been two main themes in its recent updates. 

Focus on high-quality content

Google talks about helpful content that answers questions and adds value. Keyword stuffing is out, and high-quality content is in. A good SEO audit should take this into account. 

Mobile first 

When Google crawls your website, it is shifting to crawling on mobile first. This means even if you don’t have mobile visitors, you need a mobile responsive website, or you won’t rank. The best SEO Audits will look at the speed at your website loads on mobile.

Why You Need a B2B SEO Coach?

The B2B and B2C spaces are very different. In B2C the focus is volume and converting a small percentage of that volume into buyers. In B2B SaaS, there are two prongs to your SEO strategy

Bottom of funnel SEO Strategy

Bottom of funnel SEO strategy is similar to B2C SEO. Here your focus is on people who are actively looking to buy a solution. It is a highly competitive space, and you will often need to augment your SEO with a paid advertising approach as well. 

Top of Funnel SEO Strategy

Top of the funnel means potential buyers who aren’t yet looking to buy. Instead, these are people who are looking for how to solve a problem or to learn about problems in their space. B2B SEO marketing should be showing up here, educating future buyers, But the strategy to go top of the funnel is uniquely B2B, and that’s why you need a partner who knows the B2B space.